As an international company with a worldwide procurement structure, we are aware of our social and ethical responsibility.
It is natural for the wonderjeans GmbH to act ethical and morally correct in private and in business.
In procurement and production our suppliers are subject to strict rules and a requirement profile.
The terms of purchase are presented to them in the form of a binding contract and are a prerequisite for cooperation.
The Prohibited Pollutants Directives, such as AZO and dispers dyes, as well as the REACH requirements are based on the legal requirements and comply with the same standards as required by major companies as for exampample the OTTO-Group, P & C and many others. Pollutant tests are carried out on a large scale for all fabrics and accessories that enter production.
The production facilities of Wonderjeans GmbH are managed according to German social criteria and in consideration of local legal regulations. In addition to that our production facilities are BSCI certified.